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I miss my sister most at the beach.

Sitting on the beach in a low chair at low tide.

Solo lounging is fun. You can do whatever you want. You can drink Michelob Ultra, no one tells you to hurry up, and you can have your own pace for the entire day.

But there are also no giggles, no splashing, no walking and talking.

I am sitting in a low chair at low tide, and I realize, I miss my sis.

She at excels here:
Always down to play games
Swimming in the water
Long walks

She is THE beach companion.

This is also where I admire her. She can lay in one position for an incredible amount of time. Sometimes reading, the book held in the same way, body in the same position year after year, from adolescence to adulthood. She completely relaxes.

How can she do it? I look at her and don’t know to obtain that feeling. Re-laxed.

Once I saw her floating in a lake on a raft in just that position. Right leg bent at the knee, left arm flung overhead.

I stared at her from the dock.

"HOW DO YOU DO IT??!" I yelled across the water.

She didn’t move. But grinned just a little bit.

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A day at the beach. @beebtastic @schlussman @zacharygong @h2oecologista  (at Rockaway Beach - 98th Street)

A day at the beach. @beebtastic @schlussman @zacharygong @h2oecologista (at Rockaway Beach - 98th Street)